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Welcome to Microsoft Build: Your Gateway to the Future of Development

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, developers are at the forefront of innovation. Microsoft Build, the premier developer conference, provides a platform where developers can explore the latest advancements, learn from expert speakers, and harness the tools and technologies that shape the future of development.

Why Microsoft Build Matters for Developers

Microsoft Build is more than just a conference. It’s an immersive experience designed to empower developers and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. With a rich lineup of sessions, renowned speakers, and a focus on cutting-edge technologies, Microsoft Build offers a unique opportunity for developers to stay at the forefront of their field.

What to Expect at Microsoft Build

At Microsoft Build, developers can expect an engaging and informative experience. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Expert Speakers: Learn from industry-leading experts, including Microsoft executives and renowned technologists, who will share their insights and knowledge on various topics.
  2. In-Depth Sessions: Dive deep into advanced and expert-level sessions covering various subjects, such as AI, cloud development, .NET, collaborative apps, and more. Explore the latest trends, best practices, and practical guidance to enhance your development skills.
  3. Keynote Presentations: Be in the room as our hosts introduce Microsoft’s leading experts, who will share key announcements and unveil groundbreaking technologies. Gain exclusive insights into Azure OpenAI Service, GitHub Copilot, GPT-4, .NET 8, and other cutting-edge developments.
  4. Interactive Demos: Immerse yourself in hands-on demos and explore technical showcases from Microsoft, partners, and the developer community. Look at the tools, platforms, and solutions that can elevate your development projects.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow developers, industry professionals, and Microsoft engineers. Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections that can open doors to collaborations and future opportunities.

Microsoft Build: The Premier Developer Conference

Overview of Microsoft Build and its Purpose

Microsoft Build is the premier developer conference organized by Microsoft, aimed at empowering developers and industry professionals with the latest insights, tools, and technologies. It serves as a platform for attendees to explore the future of development and stay updated on cutting-edge advancements in the industry.

The conference brings together a diverse community of developers, engineers, architects, and innovators passionate about driving technological progress. Through expert speakers, in-depth sessions, interactive demos, and networking opportunities, Microsoft Build offers a comprehensive learning experience that enables attendees to expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and connect with like-minded professionals.

Expert Speakers and Sessions: Learning from the Best

One of the key highlights of Microsoft Build is the presence of expert speakers renowned in their respective fields. These speakers include Microsoft executives, industry leaders, and technical experts who deeply understand the latest trends and technologies. They share their insights, experiences, and knowledge through engaging sessions and presentations.

The sessions cover many topics, including artificial intelligence, cloud development, .NET, collaborative apps, data platforms, and more. With a focus on advanced and expert-level content, these sessions provide valuable information, best practices, and practical guidance that developers can apply in their projects.

Significance of Microsoft Build for Developers and Industry Professionals

Microsoft Build holds immense significance for developers and industry professionals. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Stay Ahead of the Curve: Microsoft Build offers a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in the development industry. By attending the conference, developers can gain insights into emerging technologies, industry best practices, and innovative approaches that can give them a competitive edge.
  2. Networking and Collaboration: The conference provides a platform for developers to connect and collaborate with industry peers, Microsoft engineers, and potential partners. Networking opportunities allow attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build relationships leading to future collaborations and career growth.
  3. Skill Enhancement: Microsoft Build offers many learning resources and sessions to enhance developers’ skills and expand their knowledge. By attending expert-led sessions and hands-on demos, developers can acquire new skills, learn about the latest tools and frameworks, and improve their proficiency in various areas of development.
  4. Access to Microsoft’s Ecosystem: Microsoft Build provides insights into Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Azure, GitHub, .NET, and more. Developers can learn about Microsoft’s latest updates, features, and services, enabling them to leverage these technologies in their projects and applications.

Overview of the diverse sessions offered at Microsoft Build:

With Microsoft Build, you can access a wide range of sessions covering various aspects of technology, innovation, and development. These sessions are designed to cater to developers’ diverse needs and interests, offering valuable insights, practical knowledge, and cutting-edge advancements in the industry. From deep dives into specific programming languages and frameworks to discussions on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies, Microsoft Build provides a comprehensive platform for learning and growth.

Highlighting prominent speakers and their areas of expertise:

At Microsoft Build, you can hear from industry-leading experts at the forefront of innovation and driving change. The roster of distinguished speakers includes:

  1. Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft: Satya Nadella has been instrumental in transforming Microsoft into a cloud-first, mobile-first company. His visionary leadership sets the tone for the event.
  2. Greg Brockman, President & Co-Founder, OpenAI: Greg Brockman, the co-founder of OpenAI, brings his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to inspire developers to push the boundaries of technology.
  3. Amanda Silver, Corporate Vice President, Head of Product, Developer Division, Microsoft: Amanda Silver leads the Developer Division at Microsoft. Her insights on product development and developer tools provide valuable guidance for attendees.
  4. Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI, Microsoft: Scott Guthrie’s expertise lies in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, making his sessions a must-attend for developers looking to harness the power of these technologies.
  5. Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Technology & Research, Microsoft: Kevin Scott’s role as CTO and EVP of Technology & Research puts him at the forefront of Microsoft’s technological advancements, making his sessions invaluable for staying informed about the latest trends.
  1. Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President, Experiences & Devices, Microsoft: Rajesh Jha’s role as EVP of Experiences & Devices highlights his expertise in user experiences and device innovation. His sessions provide insights into the latest advancements in user interface design, hardware integration, and productivity tools.
  2. Panos Panay, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer, Microsoft: Panos Panay leads Microsoft’s product vision and oversees the development of devices like the Surface. His sessions delve into the intersection of hardware and software, exploring the future of computing and device ecosystems.
  3. Mark Russinovich, Azure Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft: Mark Russinovich’s role as CTO of Azure and Technical Fellow makes him a key figure in cloud computing and infrastructure. His sessions focus on Azure technologies, scalability, and best practices for building robust cloud solutions.
  4. Kayla Cinnamon, Product Manager 2, Microsoft: Kayla Cinnamon’s expertise lies in developer tools and productivity enhancements. Her sessions provide practical insights and tips for maximizing efficiency and collaboration within development workflows.
  5. David Fowler, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft: David Fowler’s extensive experience as a distinguished engineer at Microsoft makes his sessions invaluable for developers seeking to understand advanced software architecture, performance optimization, and distributed systems.
  6. Scott Hanselman, Vice President, Program Management, Microsoft: Scott Hanselman’s sessions are known for their engaging and informative nature. As a VP of Program Management, he shares his knowledge on web development, open-source technologies, and productivity hacks for developers.
  7. Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Platforms, Microsoft: Charles Lamanna’s sessions center around business applications and low-code development platforms. Attendees can gain insights into building scalable, customizable business solutions and leveraging the power of the Power Platform.
  8. Brendan Burns, Corporate Vice President, Azure OSS Cloud Native, Microsoft: Brendan Burns is a key figure in the open-source community and the development of cloud-native technologies. His sessions cover topics like Kubernetes, microservices, and containerization, providing practical guidance for building scalable and resilient applications.
  9. Mandy Whaley, Partner Director of Product, Azure Developer Tools, Microsoft: Mandy Whaley’s sessions focus on Azure developer tools, enabling developers to optimize their workflows, automate deployments, and improve the overall development experience on the Azure platform.
  10. Arun Ulagaratchagan, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft: Arun Ulagaratchagan’s expertise lies in data management and analytics. His sessions explore Azure data services, big data processing, and data-driven decision-making.
  11. Sarah Bird, Responsible AI Lead, Azure AI, Microsoft: Sarah Bird’s sessions delve into the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence. Attendees can gain insights into building AI models, ensuring fairness and transparency, and mitigating bias in AI systems.
  12. Scott Hunter, VP Director, Program Management, Microsoft: Scott Hunter’s sessions cover various aspects of .NET development, including new features, performance optimization, and cross-platform development. His expertise helps developers stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the .NET ecosystem.
  13. Pablo Castro, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft: Pablo Castro’s sessions focus on data platforms, distributed systems, and database technologies. Attendees can gain insights into building scalable and efficient data-driven applications.

With such a diverse lineup of prominent speakers, Microsoft Build offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various technology domains. Attendees can learn from industry leaders, gain insights into the latest trends, and expand their professional network. The sessions delivered by these esteemed speakers contribute to the rich learning experience that Microsoft Build provides to developers and industry professionals.

Highlights and Features

Live Hosts and Their Role in Introducing Expert Speakers

At Microsoft Build, attendees are privileged to be introduced to expert speakers and key announcements by dynamic and knowledgeable hosts. These hosts, including Karuana Gatimu, Seth Juarez, and Christina Warren, play a crucial role in setting the stage for an engaging and informative experience. They bring their enthusiasm and expertise to the forefront, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

Interacting with Microsoft Engineers and Gaining Practical Guidance

One of the unique aspects of Microsoft Build is the opportunity to interact with Microsoft engineers. These experts are readily available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer practical insights into various areas of development. Whether attendees seek AI solutions, cloud development strategies, or .NET expertise, they can engage with Microsoft engineers and tap into their knowledge. This direct interaction allows developers to gain valuable guidance tailored to their needs and projects.

Exploring Live Sessions, Demos, and Technical Expertise

Microsoft Build offers a wealth of live sessions and demos that showcase the latest technologies, tools, and advancements in the developer space. Attendees can dive into advanced and expert-level sessions that provide in-depth technical insights and practical demonstrations. The conference offers a diverse range of expertise to explore, from Microsoft’s experts to partner organizations and community members. This allows attendees to stay up-to-date with industry trends, expand their technical skills, and gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

In-Depth Discussions and Small-Group Sessions

In addition to the main sessions, Microsoft Build provides opportunities for in-depth discussions in small-group settings. These sessions allow attendees to dive deeper into the topics covered in the keynotes and breakouts. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, these interactive discussions foster meaningful conversations, idea sharing, and collaborative learning. Attendees can explore topics like the future of cloud platforms, separating AI hype from fact, and more while engaging with peers and experts in a more intimate setting.

Special Opportunity: Getting off the GitHub Copilot X Waitlist

Microsoft Build presents a unique opportunity for attendees to get off the GitHub Copilot X waitlist. GitHub Copilot, powered by AI, is an innovative tool that assists developers in writing code by providing intelligent suggestions and auto-completion. By registering for in-person attendance at Microsoft Build, attendees can move to the front of the line and gain access to this highly anticipated tool. This exclusive opportunity allows developers to harness the power of AI and streamline their coding workflow.

Building a Personalized Agenda with the Session Scheduler

To maximize their Microsoft Build experience, attendees can utilize the Session Scheduler to build a personalized agenda. With a vast catalog of advanced and expert-level sessions, discussions, and labs available, the Session Scheduler helps attendees navigate through the conference and select sessions that align with their interests and goals. Whether focused on AI, cloud development, collaborative apps, data platforms, or other areas, the Session Scheduler allows attendees to tailor their agenda and ensure they don’t miss out on the sessions that matter most to them.

Featured Partners and Solutions

Overview of Partner Involvement and Innovations

Microsoft Build brings together a diverse range of partners crucial in driving innovation and expanding the developer toolkit. These partners collaborate with Microsoft to showcase their cutting-edge solutions, share their expertise, and contribute to the conference’s overall success. Through their involvement, they bring fresh perspectives, new technologies, and innovative approaches to the developer community.

Showcasing Partner Solutions and Expanding the Developer Toolkit

One of the key highlights of Microsoft Build is the opportunity to explore and learn about partner solutions that expand the developer toolkit. Partners bring forward their latest offerings, including software tools, frameworks, APIs, and cloud services, that enable developers to create more robust, efficient, and innovative applications. From AI and machine learning platforms to developer productivity tools and infrastructure solutions, the partner showcase at Microsoft Build offers a wide array of options for developers to enhance their skills and deliver exceptional results.

Highlighting Featured Partners: AMD, Intel, Elasticsearch, Adobe, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm

Microsoft Build features an impressive lineup of prominent partners, each contributing their unique expertise to the conference. Partners like AMD, Intel, Elasticsearch, Adobe, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm stand out for their significant contributions to the developer ecosystem. AMD and Intel bring advancements in processor technology, enabling developers to harness the power of high-performance computing. Elasticsearch offers powerful search and analytics solutions, while Adobe provides creative tools and platforms for developers. NVIDIA’s expertise lies in GPU-accelerated computing, and Qualcomm brings innovations in mobile and wireless technologies. These featured partners represent the diversity and depth of the collaborations at Microsoft Build, showcasing the immense potential for developers to leverage their solutions and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Additional Opportunities and Resources

Participating in Contests, Giveaways, and Special Offers

At Microsoft Build, attendees can participate in exciting contests and giveaways and take advantage of special offers from various partners. These activities add a fun element to the conference and provide opportunities to win valuable prizes, collect swag, and explore exclusive promotions. By engaging in these activities, developers can enhance their experience, network with peers, and potentially gain access to unique resources and tools.

Leveraging the Power of GitHub and Exploring Related Sessions

GitHub, the leading software development platform, plays a significant role in Microsoft Build. Attendees can delve into sessions and demos specifically focused on GitHub’s capabilities, including collaborative development, version control, and code review. These sessions provide insights into leveraging GitHub’s features effectively, optimizing workflows, and maximizing productivity in software development projects.

Conveying the Value of Attending Microsoft Build to Your Manager

If you’re eager to attend Microsoft Build but need to convince your manager, there are compelling reasons to highlight. Emphasize the value-packed experience awaiting you, including learning from industry experts, gaining practical skills, exploring new technologies, and networking with peers. Showcase how attending Microsoft Build can directly benefit your professional growth and contribute to the success of your organization. Highlight the range of sessions, hands-on workshops, and the chance to interact with Microsoft engineers, all of which can provide valuable insights and solutions to challenges you and your team may face.

Accessing Online Sessions and Troubleshooting Projects with Microsoft Specialists

For those unable to attend in person, Microsoft Build offers free access to online sessions. Registering for the online experience allows attendees to watch live keynotes and interactive sessions and engage with speakers and peers in real-time. Additionally, participants can schedule 45-minute one-to-one consultations with Microsoft specialists. These consultations provide an opportunity to troubleshoot projects, seek guidance, and take their development endeavors to the next level with expert advice tailored to their specific needs.

Engaging in In-Depth Discussions and Connecting with Experts and Peers

Microsoft Build facilitates in-depth discussions through community forums, product roundtables, and expert sessions. These interactive settings allow developers to dive deeper into topics covered in keynotes and breakouts, fostering meaningful conversations with experts and peers. Participating in these discussions allows attendees to gain further insights, share experiences, and build valuable connections within the developer community.

Exploring Additional Resources: Microsoft Learn and Cloud Skills Challenge

Microsoft Learn offers resources and interactive training to help developers expand their skills and knowledge. Attendees can use the platform to access guided learning paths, tutorials, and certifications that align with their interests and goals. Additionally, by joining the Cloud Skills Challenge, participants can complete collections on Microsoft Learn and earn a free certification exam, further enhancing their professional credentials.

Joining the Imagine Cup World Championship and Downloading Digital Swag

Witness the ingenuity and problem-solving capabilities of the top three student teams from Microsoft’s global technology competition, the Imagine Cup World Championship. This event showcases the remarkable talent and innovative solutions created by students. Additionally, attendees can download digital swag, including animated GIFs, an official #MSBuild music playlist, digital badges, backgrounds, and more, to showcase their event pride and share their enthusiasm with others.

Becoming a Featured Partner and Exploring Sponsorship Opportunities

Partners can become featured partners at Microsoft Build, gaining increased visibility and exposure for their solutions and services. Partners can connect with various developers, industry professionals, and decision-makers by leveraging this opportunity. They can explore sponsorship opportunities, including those available at Microsoft Inspire and other upcoming Microsoft events, to strengthen their brand presence and establish valuable partnerships within the developer community. Becoming a featured partner at Microsoft Build opens doors to networking opportunities, collaboration with Microsoft teams, and access to a diverse audience of developers eager to explore innovative solutions.

Sponsorship opportunities offer partners a platform to showcase their products, services, and technologies to a targeted audience of developers, decision-makers, and industry influencers. By aligning with Microsoft Build, partners can position themselves as leaders in their respective domains, demonstrating their commitment to empowering developers and driving technological advancements. Sponsorship packages often include benefits such as branding opportunities, speaking engagements, exhibition spaces, and dedicated networking sessions, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement throughout the conference.

By taking advantage of these sponsorship opportunities, partners can forge new relationships, generate leads, and gain valuable insights into the needs and preferences of developers. They can leverage their association with Microsoft Build to establish credibility, trust, and thought leadership in the developer ecosystem, ultimately driving business growth and expanding their customer base.

In conclusion, attending Microsoft Build opens up additional opportunities and resources for developers. From participating in contests and giveaways to accessing online sessions and troubleshooting projects with Microsoft specialists, attendees can enhance their skills, knowledge, and professional networks. Exploring additional resources such as Microsoft Learn and the Cloud Skills Challenge further empowers developers to expand their expertise and gain industry-recognized certifications. Moreover, becoming a featured partner or exploring sponsorship opportunities allows organizations to showcase their solutions, connect with developers, and establish themselves as key players in the industry. Microsoft Build offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for developers and industry professionals.

Microsoft Build is not just a conference but an immersive experience empowering developers and industry professionals. Throughout the event, attendees can learn from expert speakers, gain practical guidance, explore cutting-edge sessions and demos, and engage in in-depth discussions. The presence of featured partners and their innovative solutions expands the developer toolkit and fosters valuable collaborations. Additional opportunities, such as getting off the GitHub Copilot X waitlist and participating in contests, further enhance the experience. By leveraging the wealth of resources, including Microsoft Learn and the Cloud Skills Challenge, attendees can elevate their skills and stay at the forefront of technology. Microsoft Build truly provides a platform for growth, inspiration, and networking in the developer community.

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